Roof-To-Roots Solutions.

Through the rigor of science, RedSea ensures the robust and fact-based design of sustainable agriculture technologies for farmers in hot weather climates.


iyris™ SecondSky™

iyris™ SecondSky™greenhouse roofs block heat, save water & reduce energy and fertigation costs through advanced nanoparticle materials.

Prize winning innovation

Proud winner of the Davidson and AE50 innovation prizes in 2023, iyris™ advanced nanoparticle roofs absorb peak heat delivering improved yield and saving input costs for farmers.

SecondSky™ Greenhouse Roofs

The simplest business decision for any farmer to make. Starts to deliver more sustainable farming from the moment it’s installed.


Kairos™ Intelligent Agriculture

Cutting edge accessible technologies that empower sustainable agriculture in hot and increasingly hotter climates and bridge the digital divide.

Coretex™ monitoring systems

Cost effective, rich data wireless sensors for air, soil and water, empowering growers to make the right decisions at the right time.

Thermacline™ Intelligent Cooling

Cooling systems that use saline water and reduce energy costs.


Volcano Plant genetics™

Volcano Plant Genetics. Salt, heat and drought-resistant seeds, seedlings, and rootstocks.

Robust, dependable crops

Stress resistant dependable crops. Supplying farmers with seeds, seedlings and rootstocks that increase yield, reduce risk and extend the growing season.

Salt Resistant Fodder

Salt-resistant fodder. Volcano has commercial solutions for the reuse of water that can no longer be used inside the controlled environment – saving the most valuable scarce resource – water.

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