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We work with like-minded companies for environmentally sustainable and economically viable solutions to hot climate agriculture challenges.

Our Corporate Profile

RedSea is an innovative agriculture science & technology company on a mission to help feed the world sustainably. Our roof-to-roots solutions enable higher yields, profitability, and sustainability for growers in hot climates globally. Led by our values of innovation, integrity, and impact, RedSea is gaining global recognition and scaling rapidly with technology now being used by growers in twelve countries on five continents.

RedSea is a multi-award-winning company and has a growing portfolio of high-profile partnerships in addition to profitable proof of concept sites delivering increased yields with less fresh water and energy consumption. We are guided by ESG principles. Our policy is available upon request.

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Corporate Governance: RedSea Board

Dr. Ryan Lefers

CEO & Co-Founder

Larkin Martin

Steve Dauphin

John Keppler


Where is the company incorporated?

Company is incorporated in: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Portugal, USA, UK and Egypt.

When was the company founded?

Company was founded in 2018

Where can I find the latest corporate news?

On our Media page, here